Global Procurement

Through our offices in Asia, UK and Europe, we have developed the infrastructure required to source and manufacture anything and everything from a global network of reputable suppliers whilst satisfying our clients’ needs for high quality, sustainable product, delivered on time at the most competitive prices.

As leaders in sustainable retail & promotional merchandise, we are constantly working with our suppliers to develop solutions to challenges such as single-use plastics, re-usable & recyclable materials and excess packaging.

We conduct our business in an ethical manner and we expect our business partners to share our Corporate Social Responsibility concerns, thus we use our Standards of Vendor Engagement (SOVE) in vetting and selecting our suppliers.

Our CSR Standards provide detailed information to factories about requirements and best practices for meeting our expectations. Furthermore, it is crucial that all factories with which we work develop the necessary processes and procedures for sustaining compliance on an on-going basis.

A large number of our manufacturing partners already have up to date SMETA (Sedex framework), BSCI and Wrap audits. Where required, we conduct independent third party social and environmental audits on all new suppliers to ensure they achieve positive evaluations before any work is contracted.

Through continuous supplier reviews and benchmarking exercises, we are able to alleviate risk and guarantee socially responsible supply chains thus providing complete peace of mind to our clients.